Smart marketers are moving away from techniques and tactics. Instead you can...

"Put Yourself On a Collision Course With Online Business Success...
Using Easy, Time Proven
Business Principles"

The dawn of the New Internet is here and it's bringing business extinction to users of hype, manipulative techniques and tactics.


From the Desk of
Gina Gaudio-Graves

Dear Fellow Marketer,

We have entered a new age... a time when many marketers are wondering why their lists are unresponsive. Product launches are faltering in some niches and money is harder to make.

The most important questions you must be asking yourself right now are...

  • What am I doing to ensure my business grows and thrives in 2008 and beyond?

  • What is my solid strategy based on proven formula's to carry my business forward?

Your answers will determine whether you are successful going forward, or just disappear back to your old 'JOB'.

In this dawn of the New Internet, a blinding, brilliant ray of business salvation is about to rise in the sky...

JV Suite and the Joint Venture Seeker Network have joined forces.  Together, they are  peaking over the horizon to herald in a new age of business development.

Marketers will soon have their hands on the most powerful business building system ever devised for online business.

There's no Adsense... blog and ping... tag and ping... forum stuffing...
article stuffing or any other manipulative techniques to be seen.

The union of JV Suite and the JVS Network is totally different.

It's a system about building real businesses. Solid businesses.

Your resulting business will be around for as long as you want it to be. It can even be your legacy for your children's children.

As with any good business building system it doesn't rely on just one strategy to prop it up. This is an interconnected business building system that allows you to pick and choose what aspects you will use at any given time.

We are entering an era when big business is muscling in on many niches.
The only way for the small / medium marketer to survive is in numbers. Building strategic business alliances is the smart marketers' choice for long term success.

JV Suite and the JVS Network are  centered around building alliances...

and making them work easily and quickly. It's not about finding a few affiliates. Building joint ventures is about a 'venture'. An ongoing business. Strategic alliances that take your business into the future.

The JV Suite/JVS Network includes such things as:

  • JVS Network Social Networking Site - Similar to My Space, yet totally designed for business people. Get yourself well known... make contacts with top line marketers. The perfect compliment to the JV Suite system

  • JV Suite Toolbar - Allowing you to find JV's to promote and keep updated on happenings within individual JV's.

  • JV Checklist - to help you with ever aspect of launching a product.

  • PLUS some business tools that are just so powerful and secret they must remain behind closed doors for the eyes and use of All Star members only.

These systems are market ready. Our results in testing have been simply astounding. Even in the dead IM to IM market place we can't believe the positive results. They have completely exceeded our expectations!

If you want to put yourself on-track to create an amazing life for yourself. If you want your very own successful long term online business, then you need look no further than JV Suite & the JVS Network.

Who is behind JV Suite powerhouse?

If you've been online for long, you may have heard of me.  My name is Gina Gaudio-Graves and many marketers refer to me as "The JV Queen".  I earned this name over the last several years by organizing some of the biggest, most profitable Joint Ventures online.

My clients have included people like Shawn Casey, Willie Crawford, Henry Gold, Holly Cotter, David Garfinkel, John Reel, and many, MANY others!

To say that I know a "thing or two" about Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances would really be an understatement.

I've taken all of my years of knowledge, experience, and expertise, and put it to work to design a suite of tools that will be available to users of the JVSuite/JVS Network Toolbar.  Some of them are already there now.  Others will be released in the coming months.

Through the JVSuite/JVS Network Toolbar, you'll not only be able to access the tools inside of JVSuite, but you'll also be able to access many of the features of the JVS Network as well!

It's the perfect combination to get your Joint Ventures up to speed and profitable quickly and easily!

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